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In this episode of The Edgy Veg Candice takes a spontaneous adventure to Niagara Falls where she goes head to head with white water rapids, zip lines, and a barrage of non-vegan food.

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At 11:40 AM Candice gets an unexpected call from James telling her to cancel all her plans for the day, which she wasn’t too happy about. After listening to the voicemail however she discovered that James had planned and unexpected trip to Niagara Falls, which she seemed a little nervous about but overall pretty excited.

As any of you vegans out there know travelling as a vegan can be a challenge. Candice starts her day off with a protein powder shake made with nothing but protein powder and almond milk. Protein is extremely important to your body especially if you’re doing any kind of physical exercise. She takes the bus to Niagara Falls and at 2:15 it’s snack time. Candice goes for a Raspberry Fig Bar made with ancient grains.

After departing the bus and making her way into the Niagara Park she realizes it’s definitely time for some lunch as well as some coffee. In true vegan form Candice has an entire box of granola bars on the bus just in case there are no vegan lunch options. As a vegan it’s critical to come prepared. To her surprise there were actually a fair amount of vegan friendly foods at the lunch buffet. There were olives, fresh fruit, some greens, and even some vegan approved bread.

After lunch it’s time to hit the white water and Candice expresses her concern. She actually isn’t a big fan of white water so she’s a bit nervous going into the boat tour. They all put on the provided ponchos and hit the falls. It is now 4:10 PM and they have decided to go Zip Lining. Candice and the crew all take a 2,000 foot Zip Line ride over Niagara Park that looks like it was pretty exhilarating.

It’s now 6:30 and Candice needs some dinner. She finds more vegan options in the form of greens, mushrooms, onions, and of course more bread. If the video is any indication there was apparently a lot of bread available.

It’s now 8 PM and Candice is travelling under the falls themselves. This is a bit unnerving for her as you could imagine. Once the underground tour is over Candice heads back home and checks out her Niagara Falls goodie bag. She finds chocolate in it that she can’t eat, chocolate covered Twizzlers that she also can’t eat but says she is definitely going to make a vegan version of, and a T-Shirt that says Niagara Never stops. Additionally she got a USB drive and a guidebook.

Candice proves once again that travelling vegan is completely possible if you just keep your eyes and your options open, and be sure to come prepared for the unexpected.

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8 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day | Spontaneous Niagara Falls Trip | Travelling Vegan | The Edgy Veg

  1. I just tried making a raw vegan “cheesecake” and I know I did something
    wrong or missed a step (…or something) because the cashew filling (I
    soaked them overnight) was grainy. No matter how long I blended it, it just
    wouldn’t get smooth/creamy enough.
    Here’s where I think I could have gone wrong:
    1. The water I soaked the cashews in was cold, not room temperature.
    2. My food processor isn’t strong enough/my blades are dulling out. (Ninja
    3. I got something wrong with my measurements.

    Do you know what I could have done wrong and how I can fix it next time?
    TIA, I love you 🙂 <3

  2. could you do a vegan baking tips video? things just aren’t going right for
    me- stuff will taste good but consistency is off whenever I try to bake
    something vegan

  3. i want to learn more about how to be a healthy vegan (simple) not too
    simple it can be a little complicated my problem is i dont have access to
    alot of different escotic spices and i would literally go to the store and
    spend all this money putting together stuff i dont like or is bland and
    find myself eating alot of garden products (frozen vegan foods) thats
    processed and high in sodium probably i want you to do more videos that
    incooperate cool salads or just healthy what i eat in day or just a grocery
    haul is it best to go weekly or biweekly (i go bi weekly and sometimes food
    goes bad because i forgot what i brought it for) i also just recently got
    an upper respiratory infection so i really dont think im doing junk vegan
    or health it all the way right luckily im not fat or ill be highly
    disappointmented lol please help

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